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Recognise Melanoma
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Large size Most melanomas are at least 5 millimeters (about 1/4 inch) across when they are found; many are much larger. An unusually large mole may be melanoma. 
Many colors  A mixture of tan, brown, white, pink, red, gray, blue, and especially black in a mole suggests melanoma. 
Irregular border If a mole has an edge that is irregular or notched, it may be melanoma. 
Abnormal surface  If a mole is scaly, flaky, oozing, or bleeding, has an open sore that does not heal, or has a hard lump in it, it may be melanoma. 
Unusual sensation  If a mole itches or is painful or tender, melanoma may be present. 
Abnormal skin around mole  If color from the mole spreads into the skin around it or if this skin becomes red or loses its color (becomes white or gray), melanoma may be present.